Halo: Infinite: Forge mode is used to recreate PT and Call of Duty demo

In a recent leak, the datamining community of Halo: Infinite found a way to access the Forge Mode present in the beta build of the game’s co-op campaign, and with this pleasant surprise now available, many creative individuals have been showing the potential of this future level editor, such as Death Templar who recreated the terrifying demo EN inside of Halo. Check it out below:

Apart from the apparent lack of cockroaches on the floor and the gun in hand, the project really stayed true to the demo, even counting on the strange sound of crying that make the setting even more horrifying.

However, Death Templar wasn’t the only one who decided to take full advantage of the editor’s full potential. Halo Infinitewith the T68 channel using Forge to pay tribute to other games, setting up areas such as Shipment, present in several titles in the franchise Call of Duty, and the famous Vaults of the series fallout.

Considering that the feature is still technically incomplete, the work shown above only reinforces the immense potential that Forge mode has to offer, and we can certainly look forward to even more amazing creations when it officially launches.

So, did you like the creations of Death Templar and T68? Have you thought about what you would like to do with this level editor? Halo: Infinite? tell us on twitter or Facebook of voxel!

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