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During the height of the pandemic, when cinemas went through their most difficult moment, needing to completely close their doors, the solution found by the industry to keep working was to launch their productions on streaming platforms to be watched at home by the public. The trend was very successful and saw the emergence of several new American companies, the land of entrepreneurship. Thus, in a short time, all the biggest studios in Hollywood, the land of cinema, started their own streaming channels, where they debuted their super productions. Demonstrating that this new way of consuming releases is here to stay, even though things are taking great strides to get back to normal, everything that doesn’t receive an exclusive release on streaming has considerably reduced the bridge between theaters and our home. In other words, even the big movie releases on the big screen are soon available to be seen in the comfort of our homes. With that in mind, we decided to formulate a new list of the great films that in a very short time are all available on the HBO Max platform – one of the favorites of the general public, and one of the fastest growing, owned by the Warner group. Check it out below.

We start the list with the most recent launch of the platform, and one of the biggest of this first half of the year. What happens here is that although this blockbuster is not part of Warner’s library, HBO Max has closed a deal with Sony Pictures for exclusive premiere of its productions. So expect to see the studio’s collection present in the streaming catalog. Second film of the double of the young star Tom Holland with Sony, after the mega success of Spider-Man: No Return Home (coming soon to the platform as well), uncharted it was similarly a roaring success, which shook things up in the first half of 2022 as one of the season’s biggest box-office hits. Based on a famous video game about an explorer along the lines of Indiana Jones, the film features Holland and Mark Wahlberg joining forces in breathtaking old-fashioned adventures. The success was so great that it leaves no doubt for the eventual continuation.

speaking of Tom Holland and in the hero Spider-Man, Sony still owns the rights to the character and its entire universe, which includes its supporting cast, as the villains. The studio quickly pulled the Venom movie and its sequel out of the oven – and is already planning feature films with Kraven – The Huntsman, Madame Web and Spider-Woman. Not to mention the animations spiderverse. In the meantime, released this morbiusabout a minor character in the protagonist’s rogues gallery, whom Sony sought to elevate to the first team by casting the Oscar-winner Jared Leto for title paper. Michael Morbius is an exemplary doctor, who suffers from a terrible rare disease. Between life and death, he decides to risk everything in an unorthodox treatment. He finds a cure, but the side effects are, shall we say, fantastic. Morbius gains abilities from a bat, including the ability to fly, radar, but also his bloodlust. The film was one of the hits of this early 2022.

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Based on the book by Dana Canedy and in the personal diary of the real Charles Monroe King, this drama about a true story has passed under the radar despite having plenty of talent in front of and behind the camera. With Sony production, we will start with the biggest name involved in the production: that of the star denzel washington. It is the Oscar winner who directs the film, making this his fourth feature as a director, and the first after the success of the Oscar nominee. A Boundary Between Us (2016). In other words, prestige is not lacking in this drama. Second, count in the cast starring the young star on the rise Michael B. Jordan – thus marking the first meeting between two of the most talented black artists from different generations. in the plot, Jordan plays Charles Monroe King, a military man on a mission in Baghdad, who keeps a diary for his son still in his wife’s womb, just in case he doesn’t get to meet him due to the war.

We also have Brazilian productions among the tips of the films that have just left theaters and were successful. Here who runs the show is Cleowho plays a policewoman in a film with a very different content from Special operations (2015), a feature in which the actress also played a law enforcement officer. This is a comedy, in which Cleo brings almost the whole family to the party – the only thing missing was Gloria Pires. But we have the reinforcements of Fabio Junior and fiuk, living professional colleagues of the protagonist. She investigates very suspicious deaths that may be linked to a beauty clinic for dondocas. Who directs the feature is Hsu Chiena filmmaker who has specialized in popular national comedies, and whose previous work, Who will stay with Mario? is available on the “rival” Amazon Prime Video platform.

Speaking of rival streaming platforms, Netflix recently debuted the first live-action series based on one of the most famous and successful game franchises in history: resident Evil. When we talk about flesh-and-blood adaptations of the game, the first that comes to mind is still the series of films starring the Ukrainian Milla Jovovich. This franchise yielded no less than six films. But then it was time for Jovovich and her character Alice to retire and make room for a new generation. What Sony has planned alongside the director Paul WS Anderson (creator of the film franchise and husband of Jovovich – here acting as producer) was a reboot, starting over from scratch the story. Much more faithful to the games and respecting the spirit of horror instead of action, the new resident Evil it is more minimalist and shows the beginning of the infection in the city of Raccoon City, which turned the population into zombies. Kaya Scodelario and Robbie Amell are brothers Claire and Chris Redfield, and Hannah John-Kamen lives police officer Jill Valentine. We still have room for characters like Leon Kennedy (Avan Jogia) and Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper) in the plot.

Returning to the universe derived from Spider man Sony’s first solo film by Venom (2018), one of the most popular antagonists in the hero gallery, proved to be a huge box office success, grossing over $800 million in an astonishing way. Thus, the studio wasted no time and immediately began to make a sequel. The first big change was the change of direction. Get out Ruben Fleischer and entered Andy Serkis. Despite this, musical chairs were barely noticeable, as the films maintain a similar aesthetic and narrative. Tom Hardy returns as protagonist Eddie Brock and his alter-ego, the mutated goo Venom – just waiting to meet his greatest enemy, Spider-Man. Meanwhile, he faces terror brought on by another slimy creature, this one known as Carnage, who teams up with a serial killer played by Woody Harrelson. And once again the success was huge, securing a third party.

One of the most beloved franchises of the seventh art, The ghost hunters appeared in the 80s, in 1984, and soon became a fever, originating all kinds of merchandising. And that was even before its sequel was released in 1989. Many disagreements caused a third film to be stalled for decades – while fans were orphaned by new adventures from the group of paranormal investigators who behaved most like comedians. In 2016, the impasse finally seemed to be over when Sony chose to revamp the franchise, in a new adventure starring all women. It could have worked, if it weren’t for the lackluster script (which included really bad cameos from the original cast in other mediocre roles). So, the solution was to abandon this idea and rescue the original spirit, passing the torch to a new generation. Many years later, The ghost hunters finally won the long-awaited third film, entitled to the return of the veterans, with this Ghostbusters – Beyondlast year.

In addition to productions by Warner, DC and Sony, HBO Max’s film collection has its own works on the platform, with its original features – planned for a release now on streaming, regardless of theaters. This is the case with this third version of The Bride’s Fatherbased on the classic book by Edward Streeter about every father’s “nightmare” – at least in the past: handing over his daughter’s hand in marriage. That is, his adult daughter, but one that every parent still sees as a child. The first adaptation took place in 1950, in a film starring Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. In the 1990s, it was the turn of the comedian Steve Martin embody the narrative, which still had diane keaton and Martin Short in the cast. Now comes the revamped 2022, with a family of Cubans living in the US. The patriarchs are interpreted by Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefanand its “filinhas” are experienced by Adria Arjona and Isabela Merced.

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