Henry Cavill to star in 'Aladdin' director's new spy thriller

According to Deadline, Henry Cavill (‘Man of Steel’) to star in spy thriller ‘The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare‘, which will be directed by Guy Ritchie (from the live action of ‘Aladdin‘).

The production will mark the reunion of the duo, who already worked together in ‘The UNCLE Agent‘ (2015). Cavill will play the leader of a secret fighting organization.

Eiza González (‘Em Ritmo de Fuga’) will also star in the project. The actress will play an elite sniper with incredible spy skills.

The plot, inspired by real events, will follow a secret World War II combat organization. The clandestine squadron’s unconventional and utterly “nasty” fighting techniques against the Nazis helped change the course of the war and, in part, gave rise to the modern Black Ops unit.

Initially, the project was being developed by Paramount Pictures through agreement with the producer Jerry Bruckheimerbut the studio will not be responsible for distributing the feature.

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Ritchie It is Arash Amel sign the screenplay, which will be based on the homonymous book by Damien Lewis.

Filming is scheduled to begin in January in Turkey.

New information should be released soon.

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