Hey?!  Ezra Miller is accused of leading a cult that abuses women and entices children

After countless controversies, Ezra Miller now you’re in the news with never-before-seen scandals to add to your collection. This time, Miller is being accused of running a cult that abuses women and attracts minors. The allegations were made by friends of Milleras reported by Business Insider, who show concern about the actor’s behavior.

Oliver Ignatiusthe former musical partner of Ezra who has already been the victim of another controversy involving the actor, says he saw Miller kissing the teenager Tokata Iron Eyes improperly.

Like this Ignatius, Tokata is also involved in another scandal with him, in which her parents accuse Ezra of assaulting and drugging their daughter. They both met when tokata was only 12 years old.

Remembering that Business Insider also has accusations from women against Miller, who would be running a cult of sorts in a house in Iceland. According to the article, Ezra lured them to the place using the power of his fame and committed several abuses from then on.

One of the victims claims that “there was a lot of psychological abuse” and another points out that “no one could disagree” with his actions. Furthermore, Miller’s friends claim that he is experiencing intense stress and that he is traveling in a bulletproof vest because he believes he is being persecuted by the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan supremacist organization.

What are you thinking of all this involving the actor?

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After the film’sbatgirl‘ was cancelled, a source linked to the Warner Bros. Discovery revealed that the studio was uncertain about the release of ‘The Flash‘.

However, the company’s president, David Zaslav, calmed the public and confirmed that the adaptation starring Ezra Miller will hit theaters on the planned date, in June 2023.

According to the Comic Book, after the Warner Bros. Discovery mentioned that it would focus only on ‘event films’, the Zaslav dthat:

“We have some great DC movies coming up like ‘Black Adam’, ‘Shazam! 2’ and ‘The Flash’, we’re continuing to work on them all and are very excited about each one. We’ve watched them and we think they’re fantastic and we can make them even better.”

the declaration of Zaslav It might be a relief for Scarlet Speedster fans, but Ezra Miller’s continuity in the role could be hanging by a thread.

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