'Hidden Agent' overtakes 'The Adam Project' as 4th BIGGEST debut in Netflix history

According to the Comic Book, ‘Hidden Agent’ exceeded ‘The Adam Project‘ as the 4th biggest debut of all time on Netflix.

The action thriller starring Ryan Gosling (‘Blade Runner 2049’) and Chris Evans (‘Avengers: Endgame’) was watched during 245 million hours in the first 28 days of airing.

The sci-fi adventure about time travel starring Ryan Reynolds (‘Deadpool’) and Walker Scobell (‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’) was broadcast by 233 million hours in the same period.

Remembering that this ranking began to be recorded by streaming in early 2021 and includes English and non-English language films — although no foreign language feature has managed to reach the Top 5 of Netflix until the moment.

Currently, the TOP 5 of the platform’s biggest debuts consists of:

The Adam Project‘ (233.1 million hours viewed)
hidden agent‘ (245 million)
birdbox‘ (282 million
Don’t Look Up‘ (359.7 million)
‘Red alert‘ (364 million)

Enjoy watching:

Remember the trailer for ‘Hidden Agent’ and follow the CinePOP on YouTube:

Ryan Gosling is CIA agent Court Gentry, also known as hidden agent and Sierra Six, and Chris Evans is your psychopathic adversary Lloyd Hansen in this thriller.

Pulled out of a federal penitentiary and recruited by Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton), Gentry was once a highly skilled, Agency-sanctioned mercenary. But now the tables have turned and he is the target, hunted around the world by Hansen, a former CIA member who will stop at nothing to bring him down. In his favor, Six has the help of agent Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas). He’s going to need it.

budgeted in $200 millionthe most expensive project on the platform is based on the book series ‘The Gray Man‘, by the author Mark Greaney.

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