The Dragon House |  Who's who in the 'Game of Thrones' spin-off series

All of us fans of ‘game of Thrones‘, we feel like orphans after the end of our favorite series, even more after that finale that was delivered, right? Well, our cravings will finally be met starting today, with the premiere of the series ‘the house of the dragon‘, which arrives with brand new episodes on the HBO Max every Sunday. And as we know that you will want to know everything about the newest production from the universe of George Martinwe separate here 10 curiosities of ‘House of the Dragon‘ for you guys.

10 – From one prince to another

One of the main characters in the plot is Daemon Targaryeninterpreted by Matt Smith. Matt, in turn, became an actor after 2003 – before he was a football player, however, after a back injury he can no longer play and started acting. Before giving life to Prince Daemon Targaryen Matt Smith has been another royalty before: the Prince Philiphusband of Queen Elizabethon the Serie ‘The Crown‘.

9 – George Martin’s Head

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When ‘GOT‘ debuted, the author George Martin commented that he wanted to see his head on a spear in some scene in the first season, however, due to budget limitations, it was not possible to do so at that time. This time Ryan J. Condalshowrunner of ‘House of the Dragon‘, promised that George your wish will be granted. Let’s keep an eye on the heads!

8 – Iron Throne

Hardcore fans (pardon the pun) will notice that the Iron Throne in this new series is a remodel of the one used in ‘game of Thrones‘, being only slightly wider and more asymmetrical, coming closer to how it is described in the books.

7 – Come

the house of the dragon‘ wasn’t the first story thought to be a spin-off from the universe of GOT. In 2018 there were talks about a series titled ‘bloodmoon‘, and included in the cast none other than Jamie Campbell BowerO vecna in ‘Stranger Things‘. However, the lack of enthusiasm George RR Martin to get involved in the project ended up shelving it.

6 – More spin-offs

Once the serial lock is removed, the HBO is already planning new spinoffs for its biggest fictional success. There are plans that involve the adventures of Jon Snow after the end of ‘game of Thrones‘, in addition to three animated series, an adaptation called ‘The Dunk and Egg‘, based on a series of short stories by the George Martinand a series that would accompany the warrior nymeria. Will take!

5 – Based on real events!

During the San Diego Comic Con George Martin told how ‘House of the Dragon‘ is inspired by a civil war that took place in the twelfth century, in a period of English history called ‘The Anarchy’, when the king Henry I of England compelled all knights to swear fealty to his only living daughter and successor, Matildabut when the king died the knights forgot the oath and a period of disputes began.

4 – Approved

While we mere mortals will see the weekly episodes on HBO Max, George Martin have seen nine of the ten episodes of the first season of ‘House of the Dragon‘… and approved of what he saw!

3 – Attention to births

while in ‘GoT‘ weddings were signs that something bad was about to happen, in ‘House of the Dragon‘ we should keep an eye on the births of babies. Xi….

2 – Dragon population

For the first season, no more than 17 dragon models were used, and they were one of the first things to be produced on the series.

1 – Wigs

Everyone knows the family Targaryen She has long blonde hair, right? Which means the entire cast you’re seeing on TV had to wear a wig on set… and no, it’s not as cool to wear as it sounds – at least that’s what you think. Matt Smithwhich, during the SDCC22 commented that if he had the power to change something, he would allow characters to dye their hair.

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