How to play Animal Crossing on PC?  Check out!

Among Nintendo’s most recent franchises, one of the most famous among the public is Animal Crossing. Born in 2001 on the Nintendo 64 – however, with the first game released only in Japan – it didn’t take long to earn its place among the fan favorites of the home of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong and company.

Is it worth downloading Animal Crossing: New Horizons for PC?

If you have never heard of the franchise, it presents a very simple proposal. Her role here is control a human character who has just arrived in a region inhabited by animals. In this way, the aim is to progress in the place by carrying out various missions and interacting with other local residents to get along.

This formula was later passed on to the other titles in the series, with a novelty here and there appearing with each new game to give the air of #news to this gameplay. With that, a few generations of consoles later we arrived at Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

New Horizons was released in 2020 for Switch and it didn’t take long to show why it became a success on the console. However, one thing that perhaps many do not know is that there is the possibility of enjoy this game directly on your computer – worth the investment, huh? –, and we will indicate the steps for this below. Check out!

After all, how to play Animal Crossing on PC?

The only viable way to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your computer is using an emulator. In this case, the best way out is to use the Ryujinx Switch program – which is available for Windows, Linux and OSX – and follow the steps described below:

  • Download Ryujinx Switch and start the program installation process on the machine. The next step is to get a version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the web, remembering that it needs to have the .XCI or .NSP extensions for everything to work correctly;
  • With the two files in hand, you must open the emulator and click on Options. Next, look for the Settings options, then Game Directories and, finally, Add to look for the folder where the game is saved;
  • Finally, be sure to access the Input option to set the game’s controls and, in this way, enjoy everything Animal Crossing: New Horizons has to offer.

Did you like the tips? It is worth mentioning that THEanimal Crossing: New Horizons It’s a very versatile game in terms of the possibilities players can enjoy in their universe with the creation tools.

To give you an idea, the community has already recreated a village from The Legend of Zelda and even some elements from the Round 6 series in their environments.

Finally, we also recommend checking out the Animal Crossing analysis made by the Voxel team for the game. Who knows, you’ll decide if it’s worth – or not – to choose to download the game for pc? Enjoy!

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