Imagem de: HyperX faz pesquisa: apenas 10% dos jogadores investem em NFTs

HyperX organized its own survey with very interesting results regarding the controversial NFTs and Metaverse, indicating that just over 10% of national players invested in the area in some way, at least within the brand’s bubble of followers. Understand the results below!

The survey was exclusively answered by 1,196 HyperX followers on their own social networks, so naturally this is a very biased environment. There, among the profiles of players who follow the brand, 11.7% said they had already purchased at least one NFT, while 10.2% admitted to having entered a Metaverse. Among them, the favorites were Sandbox (34.4%), Hyperverse (17.2%), NFT Worlds (11.5%), Decentraland (7.4%) and The Star Atlas (7.4%).

Sold as promises for the future of online monetization of online content, in practice the NFTs market had a bad 2022 and more and more companies and game developers are showing no interest in the subject, including giants such as EA, since their logic similar to pyramid schemes has alienated many potential consumers.

Another interesting fact is that 72.2% of the participating public said they prefer to play with their friends, while only 24.8% prefer to play alone and 2.9% like online, but only with strangers. Finally, the favorite genres of respondents are Shooter (65.3%), RPG (42.1%), Adventure (39%), Battle Royale (36.8%) and Simulators (26.4%).

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