"I felt like my dad was trying to kill me," says Britney Spears on social media

Britney Spears made new outbursts on social networks, this Monday (17), about the period in which she lived under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears, for 13 years. The singer made a series of posts on Twitter claiming to want justice and exposing her outrage towards her family.

“I’m posting this for the second time today because I believe in a world where everyone deserves justice! Fifteen years into a secretive and manipulative system of abuse… Ending it was never enough for me and never will be!” she wrote.

“I was abused and punished for absolutely no reason… I believe in consequences, I believe I have absolutely nothing to prove about what was done to me… Everything has been exposed! They hurt me on that kind of scale, just tearing down the system is not enough for me. They hurt me and I did absolutely nothing wrong… I don’t see any justice, nothing!”

Elsewhere in the text, Britney talks about wanting her father to go through the same kind of situation she went through. “I wanted to take my dad somewhere, take his car, his house, his privacy… Sitting him down seven days a week from 8 am to 6 pm while they ask him questions, with people treating him like a science experiment… Monitoring his food, no phone, nurses watching him shower and get dressed. I want him to go through all these things for no reason and call his family and have them say, ‘I don’t know!’ I’d like to see the state of California putting four security guards around a trailer home for months telling him he can’t leave! I’d like to see how he would feel… But look, that’s never going to happen! The only good thing that’s happened to me is that it’s over! I don’t see how they manage to escape so easily and get away with what they did to me… the world has shown me that only cruelty wins!”.

In the same post, Britney also published an audio in which she talks about feeling that her father wanted to kill her.

“I had three MRIs before I went to that place, I wasn’t complaining about anything, I was just told I had to go, it was my dad and I had no rights at the time so I basically had to go,” she said.

“To me, the whole thing didn’t make sense – the isolation, the nurses, the blood bottles, the constant communication,” she added in another part of the audio, explaining that she thought she was getting cancer-related tests, but that her family and team didn’t tell him anything.

“And the bottom line, the hardest thing is knowing that they were just being mean and that I really felt like my dad was trying to kill me, and I hope he burns in hell.”

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