"I was reborn", says Paula Fernandes after a serious accident on the Castelo Branco highway

Paula Fernandes suffered a serious accident on the Castelo Branco Highway, which connects the metropolitan region of São Paulo to the central-west of the state. The singer was returning to the capital when a runaway vehicle hit the car where the singer and Rony Cecconello, her boyfriend, were. The impact of the collision caused Fernandes’ car, which was driving, to overturn several times. The photo above was published by the singer herself on her Instagram.

Despite the huge scare, everyone escaped unharmed from the accident, which took place on Saturday, the 27th, the day before the artist’s 38th birthday, which classified the episode as the most difficult of her life. “I’m still in shock, the scene replays like a movie, I feel tachycardia and fear when I remember it. It was very hard to sleep tonight. But the most important thing of all at this moment is that we are reborn,” she wrote. “The most important thing of all at this point is that we are reborn. We are grateful that we survived this accident.”

Paula also recalled that the fact that she was wearing a seat belt was essential for the story not to have a tragic ending and showed her faith: “Today is my birthday and God gave me the opportunity to stay alive! And on this day of so many mixed feelings and emotions, I just want to thank you.

Thank you, God, for giving us this chance to stay a little longer here on Earth. We don’t know what could have happened.
I know my time will come and I was able to experience this very clearly yesterday. But, faced with the gift of being alive and being able to write this message, I want to start over, reflect more on all this and move on.”

Paula Fernandes
She concluded: “Day 27/08/2022, the day I was reborn to a happier, fuller, lighter and more grateful life. I want to be more with the ones I love and make my next few days the best of my life. We are finite… We have to enjoy our time here. I appreciate all the messages of affection and affection for my birthday. And now that I’ve been reborn, we have much more to celebrate.”

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