INCREDIBLE!  'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' series gets its first teaser trailer

‘Percy Jackson and the olympians’ had its first teaser trailer released at DisneyD23, where Renato Marafon also interviewed the cast (the video will be out soon).


The series promises to redeem the lauded mythological saga of Rick Riordanespecially after the fiasco of the mini-franchise starring Logan Lerman.

And while Season 1 hasn’t premiered yet, the novelist commented that the series is being developed with multiple iterations in mind.

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“That’s the idea, yes. Of course, first we need to get approval for future seasons,” he wrote on Goodreads. “We now have the go-ahead for a season, but if you all watch it and enjoy it, I’m optimistic that we’ll get approval to do more.”

“That’s the idea, yes. Of course, first we have to get approval for the future seasons,” Riordan wrote. “Right now, we are only green-lit for one season, but if you all watch and like it, I am optimistic we will get approval to do more.”

The cast will still have Virginia Kull (Sally Jackson), Glynn Turman (Chiron), Jason Mantzoukas (Mr. D), Megan Mulally (Alecto), Timm Sharp (Gabe Ugliano), Dior Goodjohn (Claire LaRue), Charlie Bushnell (Luke Castellan) and Olivea Morton (Nancy Bobofit).

Altogether, the saga written by Riordan contains five books: ‘The Lightning Thief’, ‘Sea of ​​Monsters’, ‘The Titan’s Curse’, ‘The Battle of the Labyrinth’, and ‘The last Olympian’.

The plot revolves around Percy, a teenager who discovers he is the son of Poseidon, Greek god of the seas, and is then sent to Camp Half-Blood to be reunited with other half-bloods. There, Percy meets his friend and mentor Grover Underwood, a teenage satyr, and meets Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.

Chris Columbus directed the film adaptation of the first volume, ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’which brought in its cast Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T. Jackson, and Jake Abel.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the film grossed almost US$227 million around the world, from a budget of US$95 million.

In 2013, ‘Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters‘ only invoiced $199 million and received harsh criticism about the narrative, which departed too far from the original novel.

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