“It depends on the script”, Daniel Kaluuya reveals that he would be up for a return in 'Get Out 2!' [EXCLUSIVO]

For years, Jason Blum speaks in interviews that he would produce a sequel to the praised ‘Run!‘ if Jordan Peele come up with a good idea.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with CinePOPthe star Daniel Kaluuya – which is promoting’No! Do not look!‘ – revealed that he would come back if the script was good.

“It depends on the script. It depends on the vision and what Jordan would do.”, he stated.

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the producer Jason Blum told Bloody-Disgusting that he had already thought about the idea, but the project would only get off the ground if Jordan Peele returned to the post of director.

“I’ve thought about it and would love to produce a sequel. But this idea would only get off the ground if we could count on the presence of Jordan Peele… And I don’t think he has any plans for that. I would love to do sequels to ‘Run!‘ with peelwithout it, there is not the slightest possibility.”

Launched in 2017, ‘Run!’ is considered one of the smartest and most surprising thrillers of the decade.

The film has become a phenomenon at the box office and is rocking the main movie awards. disputed the Golden Globe in the category of Best Comedy or Musical, competed for Oscars 2018 for Best Film, was voted the best film of 2017 by Washington D.C. critics., and Jordan Peele was nominated twice for the DGA Awards.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with CinePOP to publicize ‘Death gives you congratulations‘, Blum also talked about the possibility of ‘Run! two‘.

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Run!‘ won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and became a phenomenon at the box office: it cost US$ 4.5 million and collected $255 million.

So, would you like to see a sequel to the movie?

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