It happened!  Disney+ OVERCOMES Netflix in subscriber numbers

According to information released by The Hollywood Reporter, via ComicBook, the group’s streaming platforms disney (Disney+, hulu and ESPN+) passed, for the first time, the Netflix in number of subscribers.

This is because the three streamings grew a lot in July, adding 221 million subscribers, to the detriment of the 220.7 million of Netflixwhich continues to decline.

It is worth noting that the Disney+the group’s main streaming service, which houses the latest releases from marvel studiosadded 14.4 million subscribers during the third quarter of the year, reaching a total of 152.1 million.

already the hulu reached 46.2 million subscribers in the quarter and the ESPN + reached 22.8 million. The news comes shortly after the announcement of the renewal of the Bob ChapekCEO of Walt Disney Co., for another 3 years.

Total revenue for the last quarter also exceeded businessmen’s expectations, reaching R$ 106 billion (US$ 21.5 billion), up from R$ 96 (US$ 19.2 billion) in the previous quarter. Not to mention the considerable loss of subscribers that the Netflix has faced, reaching a low of almost 1 million users.

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