Jacob Tremblay to Summon Sinister Entity in 'Queen of Bones' Horror

According to Deadline, Jacob Tremblay (‘Doctor Sleep’) will star in the supernatural horror ‘Queen of Bones‘.

The cast will still have Martin Freeman (‘Black Panther’), Taylor Schilling (‘Orange is the New Black’) and Julia Butters (‘Hidden Agent’).

In the plot…

1931, Oregon. Two twin brothers, Lily (Butters) and Sam (Tremblay), live on a remote estate with their widowed father, Malcolm (freeman), a violin maker. When Lily and Sam find an ancient spell book in the basement, they begin to suspect that there is a connection between their mother’s death and the sinister forces in the forest. They embark on a dangerous mission to force their father and friend, Ida May (Schilling), to reveal the truth.

Robert Budreau will be responsible for the direction.

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The script was signed by Michael Burgner (‘The Darkest Corner of Paradise’).

Appian Way, Lumanity Productions and Productivity Media will produce the project, whose filming will be shot in Canada.

New information should be released soon.

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