Jão will tour stadiums and large arenas in 2023, says journalist

After selling out successive dates in venues as big as Espaço das Américas/Unimed, in São Paulo, and after a breathtaking show at Lollapalooza, in March, Jão is already more than qualified to take the next, and daring, step in his career: a tour in stadiums and large Brazilian arenas.

Well, everything indicates that this will be the future of artists on stage. Journalist José Norberto Flesch, on his YouTube channel, revealed that the preparations for this ambitious concert series are already being drawn up and will materialize in the second half of 2023.

Places such as Allianz Parque in São Paulo, Mineirão in Minas Gerias, Nilson Nelson Stadium in Brasília and Jeunesse Arena, in Rio de Janeiro, already have dates reserved for the artist who will soon make his Rock debut. in Rio – September 9th at the Sunset Stage. From the level of the carriage, it will not be surprising if, in the next edition of the festival, he is already on the Mundo Stage.

Tomorrow starts a mini-season in Portugal where he will do it. three shows, all sold out. Then, according to his official website, he has 12 more concerts in Brazil, which take place between October 10th and October 29th. Of these, five no longer have tickets available, including those from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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