Jason is back!  Studio CONFIRMS new 'Friday the 13th'

right after the producer Sean S. Cunningham given a clue, it seems that New Line Cinema has confirmed that we will indeed have a new film in the franchise ‘Friday 13‘, that the project is already being developed.

It was seen that the studio posted on its ‎‎Instagram‎‎ account a cellphone screenshot with the following notification: “Jason Voorhees wants to send you a message!”. Already in the caption of the publication, it is written: “Oh or. What do you think Jason Voorhees wants?!”

Check out:

Remembering that New Line distributed the last four films of the franchise, starting with ‎‎’Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday‘ (1993).‎ However, due to a legal dispute involving the rights of Jason Voorhes, a new film has not been produced for thirteen years. But it seems, a solution has been found.

The last film in the franchise was released in 2009 and stars Jared Padalecki. Despite efforts to revive the franchise, the film was a critical failure, recording 26% of approval in Rotten Tomatoes and collecting only $90 million at the worldwide box office.

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