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It was recently announced that the streaming platform HBO Max will indeed end its activities in mid-2023. Warner’s streaming has only been on the air for two years, but the studio’s plans are for a new rebrand. Taking into account that HBO streaming already existed before the Max brand, this will be the second radical change of a studio platform in a very short time. The idea this time is to join the HBO Max with the Discovery network channels, as Warner merged with this company. Thus, a new name should be announced soon for this new streaming platform, but we already know in advance that it will no longer be HBO Max.

In this way, here in CinePOP We have been making recommendations for movies that are currently on the HBO Max platform as the future is uncertain about everything that surrounds the brand and what things will be like after the platform’s closure date. And continuing our series of tips, we decided to honor one of the most important stars in Hollywood, especially for comedy, who reigned in the 1990s. Jim Carrey he even earned a fee of $20 million per film in his heyday in cinema. Today, after having tried to rewrite his career with a few dramas (most of which were well-praised and loved, such as The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and having been half out of the spotlight, Jim Carrey made peace with success by leading the cast of the two films in the Sonic (2020 and 2022), youth adventures that have become popular with the general public. Despite this new awakening with the kids, the actor revealed his retirement and that he should not return for the third Sonic.

In honor of this figure so striking for entertainment films in the 90s, we selected some of these memorable works available at HBO Max for you to meet or review, before the platform ends. Check out.

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Jim Carrey has been making films since 1981, and even has some productions that became cult in the 80s (such as Wanted Virgo Boy and My lover is from another world), but the general public began to really know him thanks to the excellent result that the year 1994 brought to his career, putting him on the map as the hottest comedian of the time. The first piece in the construction of this structure was Ace Ventura, in which the actor helped write the story. He plays the title character, a private detective who loves animals and specializes in cases involving mascots. He needs to find a dolphin, symbol of an American football team, in a plot that could very well have been taken from a thriller. Courteney Cox also stands out in the cast as their partnership.

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if Ace Ventura was the first step towards the notoriety of Jim Carrey, The Maskara it was what cemented the actor in the minds of the general public. On the contrary Ace Venturaa sleazy comedy, The Maskara is a super production full of first-rate special effects – which served, among other things, to help develop CGI in Hollywood at the time of its boom (after exponents such as Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park). More than a comedy, the film is a good example of the adventure and superhero genres, and made Carrey a star. In the plot, he is a shy bank employee, the typical loser, who finds a mystical mask that transforms him into a being that has the exact opposite of his personality.

Closing the year 1994 of Jim Carrey with a golden key, after being cemented as a revelation in The Maskara, the actor was consolidated as the newest star in Hollywood with this comedy beyond the crass. Who was lucky enough to be alive at the time of the launch and was able to check Dumb & Dumb in the movies, you certainly still remember the hilarious experience it was to watch it on the big screen and feel your stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Packed movie theaters came down with laughter, with people constantly commenting on the scenes afterwards. It was a phenomenon. Owner of a very incorrect mood, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels live two best friends who share an apartment and have fewer neurons. The duo embarks on a cross-country trip with a mission in mind. A totally misguided mission, but full of laughs.

This was a franchise from which Jim Carrey could have made even more films in the 90s. Certainly the public would continue to buy the idea for a long time. But the actor wanted to go in new directions and try more serious and dramatic roles. Anyway, at least we got the sequel to the movie that made Carrey famous about the infamous animal detective. Created on an even larger and ambitious scale, the second Ace Ventura takes the protagonist straight to Africa to find a white bat – a very rare species, which happens to be the only animal the detective doesn’t like. Not coincidentally, Carrey would face another bat, the Batman, for the same Warner in Batman Forever – In the same year.

Jim Carrey was already on top of the world when he signed on to play a psychotic, paranoid cable installer in the dark comedy The Hairbrush. This was the movie that made all the headlines for raising a new salary level for Hollywood stars. For the role, Carrey managed to negotiate a salary of $20 million with Columbia (Sony), leaving other studios desperate about what the biggest stars’ paychecks would look like. The Hairbrush stands out for being a more intense, dramatic and dark film, even though it is still a comedy. However, comparing with the films that the actor was making at the time, The Hairbrush appears as an out-of-the-curve point and, as a consequence, did not hit the same spot as the actor’s other works. A while later, the film re-emerged as a cult.

When we talk about the boom Jim Carrey in Hollywood, comedies like Ace Ventura, The Maskara, Dumb & Dumb, Ace Ventura 2 and even The Hairbrush come to the minds of fans. But it is impossible to talk about this period of consolidation of the actor’s stardom without mentioning one of his most important plays: the third film of the Batman at the movies. Of the package, this is the only one that is not a comedy, but an adventure (although some may even disagree with this statement). Jim Carrey he was then one of the hottest names in Hollywood, and had become known for his lame comedies where he made faces and mouths. After the onslaught of Tim Burton in Batman – The Return (1992), where he left everything so dark as to scare children and their parents; Warner’s proposal for the third Batman it was for a more colorful, light and suitable adventure for all audiences, translating: for younger children. thus was born Batman Forever. No accident, Jim Carrey served like a glove in this proposal, since nothing better than having Hollywood’s number 1 star in your movie. Many even claim that Carrey’s Riddler steals all the scenes, transforming the Batman adventure into the jokes that the comedian was used to. Anyway, Batman Forever has also re-emerged as a cult, and is a valid study exercise for fans to examine the career of Jim Carrey.

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