"Joker 2", with Lady Gaga, will be similar to "A Star is Born", according to the magazine

Variety magazine, one of the most prestigious in the entertainment world in the United States, published a series of information about the movie “Joker: Folie à Deux”, a sequel to “Joker”. Starring Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix and pop star Lady Gaga, the feature film will have elements of a musical.

The publication revealed information that will make the “little monsters” very excited. According to Variety, “Joker 2” is more similar to “A Star Is Born” (from 2018 and starring Lady Gaga), than “In the Neighborhood in New York”, the most recent musical released by the Warner studio, in 2021. .

The sequel to “Joker” should have “complicated” musical parts, reports the magazine. However, those sequences that would not define it as a “musical film”. According to “Variety”, it would be in a similar vein to “A Star Is Born”, directed by Bradley Cooper, and classified as a “drama”.

The total budget of “Joker: Folie à Deux” was also informed. Variety reported the figure at $150 million, more than double the first film (which had a total of $60 million).

Lady Gaga’s Millionaire Contract

Variety also reported the film’s lead couple’s fee. Joaquin Phoenix will receive 20 million dollars, while Lady Gaga will earn 10 million dollars.

The film is one of Warner’s biggest bets among its upcoming releases, with the first “Joker” having a box office that added up to 1 billion dollars in revenue. To date, Lady Gaga’s biggest hit in theaters was “A Star Is Born”, which took in $436.2 million at the box office.

“Joker 2” will hit theaters in 2024.

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