Juliana Paes reveals if she believes in MIRACLES and talks about the spiritist 'Predestinado';  Watch!

Actress Juliana Paes and director Gustavo Fernandez reveal in an EXCLUSIVE interview with CinePOP if they believe in miracles and talked about what it was like to make the film ‘Predestined: Arigó and the Spirit of Dr. Fritz‘, about the Brazilian medium Zé Arigó who received Dr. Fritz and did SURGERY…

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The film that is directed by Gustavo Fernandezaccompanies José Arigó (honey), who through the spirit of Dr. Fritz, a German physician who died during the First World War, became a hope for a cure for millions of people around the world.

Dr. Fritz was criticized by skeptics, but with the support of his wife, he managed to save countless lives through spiritual surgery. Predestined to help without receiving anything in return, Arigó is now recognized as one of the greatest mediumistic phenomena in history.

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fated‘ is already showing in Brazilian cinemas.

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