Juliette says she is watching BBB 21 again on the advice of her psychologist

Juliette participated in the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, with actresses Fernanda Paes Leme and Giovanna Ewbank, and said that she is watching Big Bother Brasil 21, in which she was the champion, for the second time on the advice of her psychologist.

In the conversation, released on YouTube this Tuesday (23), the singer talked about the feeling of reviewing some complicated situations she went through on the show. “It’s all different, I don’t remember anything, impressive. It’s not a blackout, you remember, but you remember it in another way, because we mean everything, and when we watch it’s raw, that’s what happened. , but a lot of things I see with strangeness”.

“I was talking to my friends that it seems that I lived in the Metaverse, it was an innocent thing. Then my friends [perguntam], ‘You regret being silly at some point’, I say, ‘No, it was necessary’. If I had the malice, I would have acted differently, so I think everything is necessary. Today, I’m a little smarter, I think,” she said.

The artist then explained the reason for her psychologist’s request to rewatch the BBB. “The first time, I watched it to face it and get over it, to get out of it. I was very afraid of reviewing what I had gone through, of being sad, of changing who I was, of being angry with people”, said Juliette. .

The second time, she said it was to analyze her own posture when she went through a situation that made her afraid. “On the show, for example, I was so panicked and couldn’t act,” she noted. “Because I’m scared, I’m vulnerable, I’m closed off, I’m a silly child, I’m at a loss for words, I can’t speak, I can’t process, so I’m in a very bad state. And now [no programa] I’m seeing how I look, and then I get scared”.

“I couldn’t speak, I was very afraid of people, of what could happen, I also respect some people who were there,” she continued. “I didn’t formulate a sentence, there’s a game of discord that I don’t say anything to anything, and I see fear in my signs”.

“Nobody leaves a normal Big Brother. Nobody,” he said. “It’s a very strong psychological experience and no one comes out normal. You’ll never come out the same. Better or worse, but the same, never again”, Juliette said.

Juleitte also spoke about people’s expectation that she would be more active on social media, especially right after the show. “It’s a reality check for me. There I was being filmed. As much as I knew there was a camera, I wasn’t producing content. I was passive in the situation, so it’s a whole new universe. When I go out, people expect that I was an experienced influencer and that I was going to make content and such, and I was, like, frustrated, because I can’t deliver that”.

“Today, I’m much better. I was able to look at it as a means of communication,” he added. “I confess that I impose a lot of limits, whether I like it or not, today I am my company, my life, which is my way of working, but it is still my life. So, I try to establish a limit so that I don’t feel like a object, don’t feel attacked”.

See the conversation below:

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