Justin Bieber's requirements for his dressing room at Rock in Rio are revealed

One of the main names of this edition of Rock in Rio, the singer Justin Bieber had his requirements for the dressing room revealed. This Wednesday (31), the festival’s backstage coordinator, Ingrid Berger, spoke about the Canadian star’s requests for CNN Brasil.

Justin will come to Brazil with a team of 70 people. And to accommodate everyone with comfort, the festival will provide a total of 12 dressing rooms.

The most unusual request on behalf of the singer was a bathtub of ice. Ingrid explains that this request is common among musicians and that this is not the first time this has been requested.

“Nowadays it’s common. (When the) Thirty Seconds To Mars came along, (vocalist) Jared Leto also asked for it. I took a 500 liter water tank and filled it with water and ice. And the guy stays there , about two minutes in there. This time Justin wants a bathtub like that”, he revealed.

In the interview, the producer recalled another time she worked with the singer, when he came to the country, in 2011. “I finished Rock in Rio here on Sunday and on Monday I entered Engenhão with his tour. And it was surreal , man. He was really young, so there was dad, mom, uncles, it was a lot of people demanding a lot of things. I went crazy on this tour.”

In this way, the current demands did not scare Ingrid. “This time, I don’t know if he’s mature and all, but he’s not in such demand. He hasn’t been asking for anything out of this world.”

Justin Bieber will perform on the third day of Rock in Rio, Sunday (4). He will headline the Mundo Stage, which will also feature Demi Lovato, Jota Quest and IZA.

The Canadian star will also perform with his “Justice” world tour on September 14 and 15, at Allianz Parque, in São Paulo.

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