Kermit and Morbius Mods Appear in Spider-Man PC

The PC version of Spider-Man has been a veritable playground for anyone who likes to play around with mods. There are games of the genre for all tastes, and the most recent ones too involve two famous characters.

Starting at least usual, here you can see Kermit the Frog (formerly known here in Brazil as Kermit, one of the protagonists of Muppet Babies) punching and kicking anyone who gets in his way.

The work in question is courtesy of the Tangoted modifier, and those interested can download the files by clicking here. The curious part is that this costume replaces the Advanced Suit, and in some situations It even appears in the game’s cutscenes.. In another more advanced mod, they even voiced the character, replacing the original English dub.

The other modification brings the character Morbius switching places with the Web Head. Made by the HiBlakkes modifier, it adds a new outfit for the game’s protagonist, allowing him to transform into the vampire who won a film adaptation of his origin this year.

By the way, have you ever seen these modifications that show Stan Lee, MJ, and Miles Morales as playable characters? Check out these contents and then share your opinion on the social networks of voxel.

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