League of Legends: check out how Udyr's rework turned out!

It’s been a long wait for the League of Legends community, but finally Riot Games is releasing a rework for former champion Udyr! Starting today (9) we can even test the changes on the test server, and you can check out all the news below!

According to the developers, the character was already extremely dated both in its look and in the gameplay, as Lolzinho has evolved a lot since his arrival there in 2009. Thus, the objective was to maintain the identity of Udyr at the same time as he suited to the new goal. The changes are expected to be available to everyone on August 24th, with the arrival of patch 12.16!

The skills of the new Udyr

With his passive Spirit Bridge (Awakened Spirit/Monk Training), he has four basic stances, and every 30 seconds he can awaken the active stance to gain additional effects with 40% attack speed on subsequent hits. With Q, Wild Claw, the next two attacks deal explosive damage with arc of lightning.

OW, Iron Cloak, grants a shield and attacks in a row restore health. E, Burning Charge, increases movement speed and gains immunity to crowd control when awake. Finally, R, Winged Storm, slows and damages nearby enemies. Awakened, the storm pursues the rival that was most recently attacked.

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