Legal Framework for Electronic Games will be voted on today (30) in the Chamber

Today (30) will be a very interesting day for those who follow the scenario of video games in Brazil, as our Chamber of Deputies will vote on the Legal Framework for Electronic Games, the bill 2796/2021, which can have a huge impact and solve some of the oldest problems in the environment. Understand next!

The idea of ​​the Law is increase legal certainty while establishing new guidelines for the marketregulating those who work in the video game, arcade, eSports and other sectors, and trying to develop the sector even more, now explicitly separating slot machines from video games, a key point of the proposal.

Source: Unsplash

Strangely, the project (still subject to change) does not mention mobile applications, even though the mobile market represents about 47% of national revenue, while consoles have 29% and PCs have 24%. The idea is to link the Electronic Games Legal Framework to the Information Technology Law, equating the taxation of these products.

If the law is approved, the manufacture, commercialization, import and development of games in the country becomes free, with the State being obliged to support the training of professionals and industry. According to the Brazilian Association of Digital Game Developers, today we already have more than 1000 national game creation studios, and both creators and consumers should benefit from this.

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