Lewis Capaldi is back with "Forget Me".  Listen to the Scotsman's single!

After three years, Lewis Capaldi is back with a song far more poppy, and even danceable, than the spilled ballads that made him famous. Not that “Forget Me” is a “pure bliss” single. The melancholy in her singing, and in the lyrics, are there, but the track points to a sunnier second album.

If in music he remains serious, in personal and promotional life, the Scotsman follows the king of self-deprecating humor, showing that James Blunt, another master in this category, now has a competitor to his match.

Images of Capaldi in his underwear, mocking the ads à la Calvin Klein, were posted on billboards in various parts of England and he also joked about his “lack of shape” on Instagram, saying that “there’s a Jason Derulo in all of us along with images like this:

Lewis Capaldi

Despite the good mood, Capaldi knows that, with the death of Queen Elizabeth, the mood in the UK is one of mourning. He was sensitive enough to announce on Facebook that the time was not right to over-promote his new single, even though its release was on hold.

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