Lies of P gets electrifying gameplay video;  check out

Last Tuesday (23), during the opening broadcast of Gamescom 2022, we were able to check out a new trailer for Lies of P – future Souslike title from developer Neowiz Games based on the classic story of Pinocchio – coming to Xbox Game Pass soon at launch.

For those who are attending the event in person, it is possible to enjoy some of the gameplay of this game at the Xbox, and for our happiness, twelve minutes of this adventure were recorded so everyone can get a taste of what’s to come! Check out the video below:

As shown in the recording, players will be able to choose three paths for combat: one more balanced, one focused on agility and the last one focused on strength. The scenario and the design of items and menu are very reminiscent of the games of the FromSoftwareespecially bloodbornemaking it very clear where his inspirations came from.

In addition, the video also shows more details about the protagonist’s mechanical arms, which have their own characteristics, with attacks ranging from physical to electric.

Lies of P will be released in 2023, still without a set date, for Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC.

So, are you excited to enjoy this dark adventure of Pinocchio? tell us on twitter or Facebook of Voxel!

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