Linda Hamilton Had an Existential Crisis While Filming 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

The last film in the franchise ‘Terminator’subtitled ‘Dark Fate’hit theaters in 2019 and represented a solid return to form for the sci-fi saga, despite failing at the worldwide box office.

However, it appears that behind the scenes of the production was marred by numerous turmoil, including a profound lack of confidence that the star Linda Hamilton felt about reprising the iconic role of Sarah Connor – and how the director Tim Miller (‘Deadpool’) definitely couldn’t handle it.

“I felt emotionally charged [quando retornei],” she said in an interview with Empire. “I worked hard, going to painful and disappointing places, facing bitterness and darkness. And then when we started and there wasn’t a finished script, it all became clear that it might not be a good movie. I had an existential crisis in the movie.”

She continues: “Tim said, ‘I want her to be relatable.’ And I’d go back to my room and think, ‘Relatable? Since when is Sarah Connor relatable?’ I love Tim. I love my girls. But for me, something was missing. Everything went very fast. And there were several moments that did not enter [para o filme]. I need to watch it again, ten years into the future, when I’ve gotten far enough away.”

For those who haven’t watched it, the film ignores the events of ‘Terminator 3‘ and all other sequences that came after, restarting the timeline after ‘The Last Judgment‘.

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The cast also has Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong and Diego Boneta.

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