Listen to "Will Of The People", the new Muse album!

Muse have just released their ninth studio album. “Will Of The People” shows the trio with a lot of vigor and disposition even after almost 25 years of recording career.

Despite being the leanest work ever released by them, 10 songs in just under 38 minutes, and one of the most direct, those who like the more exaggerated side of the band will not be disappointed. The epic songs, with direct influence from Queen, are also here, as well as the paranoid lyrics and that dystopian sci-fi vibe that Matt Bellamy loves so much.

Musically the record balances between the slower songs, “Ghosts (How Can I Move On)”, with the piano in the foreground being a good example, and the heavier ones – where Chris Wolstenholme’s distorted bass stands out.

There is also room for more curious experiments, such as “”, a dance track, which refers to Prince in its 80s electro-funk atmosphere.

“Will Of The People” is also being highly praised by the press. Right now, it’s even their record with the highest average score on Metacritic (83). As a comparison, suffice it to say that the celebrated “Black Holes and Revelations” (2006) has a score of 75.

Overall, the reviews are saying that even though it’s a work that brings more or less what is expected of the English, even for the time on the road, it arrives with a set of compositions much more inspired compared to what was heard from the trio in the most recent works. That is, a record for longtime fans and also for those who listened to the group but stopped following them at some point in their career.


“Will Of The People” has the following songs:

1 – “Will of the People”
2 – “Compliance”
3 – “Liberation”
4 – “Won’t Stand Down”
5 – “Ghosts (How Can I Move On)”
6 – “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween”
7 – “Kill or Be Killed”
8 – “Verona”
9 – “Euphoria”
10 – “We Are Fucking Fucked”

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