LoL: Riot thinks about stopping the release of champions in the future

On Monday (01), Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, head of balance at Riot Gamesstated in an interview with the Broken by Concept podcast that the developer would be considering stopping releasing new champions for League of Legends in the future. Check it out below:

According to Leung-Harrison, the company will only adopt this measure when it is no longer able to launch characters with intuitive gameplay, as a way to avoid a huge increase in the learning curve with the addition of difficult-to-understand champions.

“If we make champions non-intuitive, making more of them is a problem because it massively multiplies the number of things you need to understand to play the game,” explained Phroxzon.

The balance leader even used Gwen as an example, saying that the difficulty many people have in understanding her Holy Mist ability ends up causing confusion and affecting interest in the game, something the team wants to avoid at all costs.

However, he also stressed that this possibility is still very far away, after all the MOBA already has 161 champions on its roster, receiving four new additions this year alone, with Nilah being the most recent. So fans can rest easy and keep waiting for League of Legends news for a long time.

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