Madonna's new compilation sheds light on nearly 40 years of dance music history.  Listen!

After having come out in abbreviated form, the complete edition of Madonna’s ambitious compilation “Finally Enough Love” has now arrived on streaming platforms, and also in luxurious physical editions in stores abroad. With almost four hours of duration, the compilation celebrates the 50 number 1 that the singer has had, so far, on the Billboard dance music chart.

Thus, it has points in common with “The Immaculate Collection” (1990), one of the greatest hits collections ever, or “Celebration”, which updated the repertoire until the mid-21st century, but the focus is different. Here there is no space for ballads or other facets of the artist other than the queen of the dancefloor.

“Finally Enough Love” functions as a sort of intensifier of dance music history over the last four decades or so. The journey begins with “Holiday”, her third single released in 1983 and will only end in 2019, the year of the release of “I Don’t Search I Find”.

The decision to put the tracks in remixed versions or in special mixes that only came out as singles was another hit. This option shows us how Madonna has always been connected to new trends and the names that were renewing dance music, and explains how she managed to remain always present on DJ sets and in the ears of music fans for the dancefloor.

“Finally Enough Love”, therefore, can also be heard with a more historical ear, so you can hear the kind of beat and production styles that marked various eras of pop dance music. As the old cliché says, it’s an album that brings history class and recess time simultaneously.


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