Imagem de: Mafia: estúdio confirma que novo jogo da série está em predução

commemorating the 20 years of the series Mafia, three longtime developers from the Hangar 13 studio participated in an interview on the company’s official website. The chat, although being a moment of reflection and recollection of good memories, also ended up bringing a very interesting revelation for fans of the series.

In the text, Roman Hladík and Tomáš Hrebíce, respectively the General Manager and Head of Production and Media Director at Hangar 13, joined Alex Cox, director of Mafia: Definitive Edition to exchange an idea about the two decades of the franchise. And along the conversation it finally came The confirmation what fans have been waiting for: a new game in the Mafia series is in production.

The chat started with the trio remembering the time they started acting in the series, even before the first game was turned into a story about gangsters. Hrebícek also commented on how was thrilled to hear the Mafia Orchestral Concert being performed by the Brno Philharmonic.

Hladík reinforced that the Mafia series is very well known in the Czech Republic, where several generations who know the game series. Cox went further, saying that the franchise “is a national institution in the Czech Republicas well as in neighboring countries, which is very interesting.” Hrebícek also revealed that it was Daniel Vávra, the screenwriter of the original Mafia, who came up with the idea of ​​making a game about mobsters.

The conversation then reached the icing on the cake when the trio were asked about the future of the franchise. In a secret tone, Hladík said he was happy to confirm that the team is already working on a project for a new Mafia, but that still cannot reveal much about the new title. “While there’s still a few years to go until then, and we can’t say more than that right now, we’re very excited to continue working on this much-loved franchise and to be able to entertain our players with new stories.”

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