Magic Fan Discovers His Old Cards Are Worth $1 Million

A Magic fan, who has been collecting cards from the game since its first releases in the 1990s, has just discovered that his old collection is worth approximately $1 million in total. The information comes from Cardmarket, one of the largest gaming card trading sites and responsible for evaluating the millionaire collection.

The owner of these very valuable letters is a German collector who preferred to remain anonymous. He even expected that some of the cards would be quite valuable, after all he has some of the very rare Black Lotus, which alone can fetch US$49,000 each.

But the complete collection jumps to the millionaire price because the Magic cards are part of the very first ever made available in the world, known as the Limited Edition Beta, that is, the limited edition beta. And the collector in question has three complete sets of these cards, further increasing their value.

This photograph shows nearly $150,000 in just three cards.Source: Cardmarket

“It’s not uncommon to see high value cards, but an entire beta set is something you never see. Having three complete sets from the beta set? This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime set.” – declared George Settnik, Cardmarket valuation leader.

The anonymous Magic collector says he didn’t buy the cards back in the day thinking about how much they might be worth in the future. It was just a hobby:

“I wasn’t rich. I didn’t have a high income. It was more that I didn’t have many expenses besides that, so I could and did treat myself that way. Whenever my finances allowed, I would order one of these sets for a friend who had a way to get them in the United States”.

The collector has not stated whether he intends to sell any of his sets now that he has discovered they are worth so much money.

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