Mariah Carey tries to register "Queen of Christmas" trademark as her own and displeases "other queens"

A controversial story involving Mariah Carey has just come to light. It turned out that, in March of last year, the singer filed an application to patent the following trademarks as her own: “Queen Of Christmas”, “Christmas Queen”, “QOC” and “Princess of Christmas”, so that only she can commercially exploit the titles of Christmas Queen and/or Princess.

The decision was criticized by two artists who also have the holiday season as their highest income: the veteran Darlene Love and the little-known Elizabeth Chan who, since 2013, has already uploaded five albums dedicated to the Christmas repertoire on streaming services. .

Carey, needless to say, was informally called the “Queen of Christmas” a few years ago, more specifically from the moment that “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, recorded by her in 1994, became a true modern classic. of the genre, always returning to the highest positions on the charts as December approaches and staying there until December 25th.

The issue began to be publicly debated after the demonstrations by Love and Chan, who filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent Mariah from succeeding in her objective.

Love sang on what is considered the greatest Christmas classic of all time: producer Phil Spector’s 1963 album “A Christmas Gift for You.” One of his songs in particular has also become a perennial classic of the holiday season: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”.

Phil Spector (Christmas Album)

“Is it true that Mariah Carey registered the ‘Queen of Christmas’ trademark?” she wrote. “What does that mean? That I can’t use that title? (host) David Letterman officially declared me the ‘Queen of Christmas’ 29 years ago, a year before she released ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’, and at 81 I will NOT change a thing. I’ve been in the industry for 52 years, I earned the title and I can still hit all the grades! If Mariah has a problem, call David or my lawyer.” For decades, Love sang her great classic on the Letterman show around Christmas time.

Mariah Carey
Speaking to Variety, Chan said that Christmas has existed since before they all arrived on this planet and will continue to exist long after their departure.

“I strongly believe that no one should get attached to anything around Christmas or monopolize it the way Mariah perpetually seeks. That’s not the right thing to do. Christmas is for everyone. It’s for sharing; it’s not for own it.”

So far, Mariah Carey has not commented on the case.

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