Mario Kart 8 has a 'secret' LAN mode for up to 12 players!

The deluxe version of mario kart 8 arrived on Nintendo Switch a good five years ago, but only now are most fans of the game getting excited about a LAN mode that is more or less hidden in the game. That’s right, you can play Mario Kart 8 in the best lan-house style with up to 12 Switches connected in the same game.

THE Nintendo it never really hid the game’s LAN mode, and it even has a support page on the game’s official website. But the producer also never promoted the option much in its marketing material. That’s why Mankalor’s profile tweet teaching how to access is so successful.

The famous creator of Nintendo and Mario Kart explains in his post that just hold the L and R buttons together and press the left analog stick in the main menu. Ready, the option to play online changes to “LAN Play” and just configure from there.

The post is also nice because it accompanies a video in which Mankalor shows not only the option appearing in the menu, but also an organized space for a Mario Kart 8 game with several Nintendo Switch connected in LAN.

The space was used for a Mario Kart 8 tournament connected to the cable, and the content creator posted a video on his channel showing the competition:

Now just find 11 more friends with a Nintendo Switch in your city to remember the good times of “LAN parties”.

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