Mark Wahlberg delivers a SHOCKING performance as a Priest in the film that premiered on HBO MAX

Mark Wahlberg is already a face marked by Hollywood. Often playing the macho, all-woman heartthrob, who always wears a leather jacket and rides ultra-expensive Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the actor who built his fan base with the action movies of the franchise ‘transformers‘ and in other features that appeal to this same audience, such as ‘Ted‘ and ‘Uncharted: Off the Map‘, every now and then he also comes across some projects that come out – a lot – of this production line.

This happened in ‘The winner‘ (2010), which was nominated for the Oscarand it happens again now in this religious filmFight for Faith: Father Stu’s Story‘, which premiered today on HBO MAX.

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Stuart Long (Mark Wahlberg) wants nothing to do with life and is completely lost. Since your father, bill (Mel Gibson) separated from his mother (Jacki Weaver) after the death of his brother, he grew up looking for a purpose to exist: first he indulged in boxing matches, which compromised part of his jaw; then he indulged in drink, in daily doses to forget everything; and then decide that he should drop everything and go to Los Angelesat California, try life as a movie actor. Even without knowing it, his wrong choices took him to the place where he should be: it is in the capital of cinema that Stu meet the young woman Carmen (Teresa Ruiz), a fervent Christian devotee who, in order to go out with Stu says he needs to be baptized. blind in love, Stuart topa, without even imagining that this would be the first step on the path of his true vocation.

In approximately two hours, the dramaFight for Faith: Father Stu’s Story‘ is an impressive biopic, but whose runtime ends up hurting the production. Written and directed by Rosalind Ross, the script develops first by telling the protagonist’s misfortunes in his primeval life, and only later on getting into his interest in the Christian faith. Although it is evidently important to know who was Stuart before becoming a priest, the film takes too long in this part, reserving little more than half of its length for this arc – and, honestly, there’s nothing more than an hour of film with Mark Wahlberg doing more of the same, i.e. drinking, singing girls, swearing, etc. When the character finally enters the Catholic world, it seems that there is a lack of execution time there, and the events run on the big screen, without being deepened.

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This choice undermines the film’s Rosalind Rosswho misses an excellent opportunity to extol the willpower of this young priest from the interior of the United States who, as soon as he found his vocation with God, was also challenged by an immunosuppressive disease such as the one that took the physicist Stephen Hawkingwhose story has already been told in the winner of the OscarThe theory of everything‘. And it is in this part, in the last arc, that Mark Wahlberg surprises with his performance, in fact shocking viewers by embodying the physically handicapped priest.

Based on a true story, the production of Sony PicturesFight for Faith: Father Stu’s Story‘ is an inspiring film in this month filled with celebrations for Catholic saints, and shows that true vocation finds us all at the right time, as long as we have faith.

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