'Mars One' wins AMAZING trailer and is already favorite to represent Brazil at the Oscars

The film ‘mars one‘, in Gabriel Martins, will have its first session in Brazil on 08/17, at the Festival de Gramado Competitive Show session, which starts at 6pm. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival last January, where it was well received by the public.

It was screened at 35 international festivals, winning best feature awards at OutFest, Black Star and the San Francisco Film Festival. Marte Um hits theaters the week after Gramado, on August 25, with distribution by Embaúba Filmes. The production is signed by Filmes de Plástico, and is co-produced by Canal Brasil.

The work, which has just released its official trailer, will compete for the spot to represent Brazil at the Oscars, in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The choice is made by a commission organized by the Brazilian Academy of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts, and the announcement of the chosen feature is scheduled for September 9.

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mars one‘ is the filmmaker’s second feature, and has, as one of its central themes, the realization of a childhood dream.

In the film, we see the daily life of a peripheral family, in the last months of 2018, shortly after the presidential elections. The boy David (Cicero Lucas), the youngest of the Martins family, dreams of being an astrophysicist, and participating in a mission that in 2030 will colonize the red planet. Living on the outskirts of a large urban center, there aren’t many chances for that, but even so, he doesn’t give up. He spends hours watching videos and lectures about astronomy on the internet.

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