Marvel or DC?  Meet the Actors Who Went to Both Studios' Blockbusters

It’s fun enough, but the human being needs to find a way to argue and fight no matter what. According to many, what motivates us is this competition – but, of course, as long as it is healthy. For nerds, no politics, religion or football, the biggest point of disagreement in their lives is: who is better, Marvel or DC? Really! Here, we won’t even go into that merit, since just like football players, Hollywood actors have no problem wearing the shirts of both studios while fans kill each other.

In this new article we will address precisely the big names in Hollywood who have worked for both Marvel and DC in important roles in their films. You may be amazed at the number of actors who have “played both teams” over the years. Check out some of the main ones below.

We start the list with the Oscar-winning star who recently turned 50. In the case of younger fans, they must certainly remember the role of affleck like the Batman in recent DC movies. This role the actor is expected to reprise very soon in at least two more films: Aquaman 2 and The Flash – both scheduled for 2023. In other words, anyone who thought Batfleck had retired his cape was wrong. The star made his debut as the character, of course, in the controversial Batman vs. Super man (2016), and from there it went to a point in Suicide squad (2016) and Justice League (2017). Before that, as most of the public is well aware, Affleck had worn the uniform of another vigilante, this one from Marvel, that of the blind vigilante. demolisher (2003). But not in the MCU, but in the Fox era.

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Speaking of the actors who wore the Batman cape for productions based on DC characters, the Oscar nominee Michael Keaton was the first of all. And if today we have the superhero genre as the most profitable source of Hollywood entertainment, we have a lot to be thankful for. Batman (1989), from Tim Burton, which paved the way. Keaton was the first movie Batman and also starred in its direct sequel, Batman – The Return (1992). This year, the actor would once again appear wearing the hero’s cape and hood in the film batgirl – which was unfortunately canceled by Warner after it was ready. Be that as it may, we will finally be able to see the actor’s return as the character in The Flash (2013). When the option was a role in the rival Marvel, the actor chose the villain Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) – also a winged character.

A Batman is only good when he has a good Catwoman behind him, as the saying goes. AND Michael Keaton is considered by many to be the best Batman in cinema. The actor was lucky to have the second film as the character opposite the beautiful and talented Michelle Pfeiffer in one of the roles that immortalized her: the anarchic and vengeful Catwoman. Sensuality is low for Pfeiffer in this role, at the height of his career and fitness in his mid-30s. On the other hand, now much more mature and in this new phase of her career, Michelle Pfeiffer was invited again to enter the world of superheroes, this time for rival Marvel. Mission accepted by the actress, who ended up with the equally iconic and important role as Janet Van Dyne, the original Vespa heroine in the MCU – a character who debuted in Ant Man and the Wasp (2018) and will rerun next year in Ant-Man and the Wasp – Quantumania.

In the cinema there are the excellent Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), the great ones (Zoe Kravitz), the good ones (Anne Hathaway) and, well, there is the Halle Berry. That’s all I’ll say. Going back a little further in time, one of the first Marvel movies that helped to build what we have today in terms of this flood of the genre was definitely X-Men (2000). And Halle Berry was lucky enough to be there when it “was all bush”, being the studio’s chosen one to live the mighty Tempest. The following year, the actress would be consecrated with the highest award of the seventh art, with the Oscar for her performance in The last supper (2001). Thus, in the 2003 sequel, with the Oscar in hand, her character had more space in the plot. And it was this new wave of popularity for the actress that made her star as DC’s biggest villain, Cat Woman, in the character’s first and only solo film on the big screen. Unfortunately, as we know, the movie did not go well – to say the least. Berry, however, would run to live Storm twice more and redeem himself a little.

With the Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds one of the most memorable cases of redemption in film history has taken place in recent years. And this thanks to the influence and insistence of the actor himself, who tried hard and had a lot of work, but in the end managed to turn around in the role of Deadpool. Before that, however, Reynolds had already played another character from the Marvel pantheon, a far more unknown one, in his first film of the genre with Blade Trinity (2004) – third film of the vampire hunter lived by Wesley Snipes still in the hands of New Line, today part of Warner, where Reynolds lived Hannibal King. Afterwards, he would take off the role of Deadpool in the ill-fated X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), entitled to a bad characterization of the anti-hero. As if that wasn’t enough, Reynolds would still side with DC, in what he thought would be big luck: Green Lantern (2011). Upon returning to Marvel, there he was successful as Deadpool (2016) in the character’s standalone film and its sequel (2018), which promptly lampooned both Green Lantern and his bumbling foray as Deadpool in the Wolverine movie.

speaking of Deadpoolthe second film by the chatty mercenary from Ryan Reynolds received a great reinforcement in the forms of the charismatic Zazie Beetz in the role of the lucky mutant Domino. It’s a thankless mission to try to stand out in a film by the joker protagonist, who dominates the scene, but if there’s a character that comes very close to stealing the spotlight, it’s Zazie Beetz’s Domino. To the point where we kept wishing for one more appearance of the girl, when deadpool 3 start to take shape now in Disney/MCU. The following year, the actress won the opportunity to star in the female lead in the dark and dramatic joker (2019), the first solo film of the biggest DC villain, in a feature unlike anything that has been done in the subgenre. AND Zazie Beetz delivers an impactful performance as Sophie, the unhinged character’s neighbor.

Before Marvel and DC became the movie and entertainment powerhouses they are today, the star Sylvester Stallone was already considered an action hero in the movies. Without needing to use a cape or superpowers, the characters that the actor lived on screen were capable of destroying entire armies on their own, see Rambo. Stallone is such a powerhouse in his own right that no comic book character would do it justice. That is, at least in its golden age. Since now, in the third age, the star decided to accept the supporting role in some films of the genre. First, he played the leader of the space pirates Stakar Ogord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. two (2017), from Marvel. Then it was time to lend his voice to the villain Tubarão Rei in The Suicide Squad (2021), from DC – and once again Stallone would steal the show. Both films, not coincidentally, are directed by James Gunn.

we can’t think about Dolph Lundgren without thinking about Sylvester Stalloneafter all, the second was responsible for the career of the big blond Swedish man by casting him in the role of Russian boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV (1985). Even with the recent beef involving the rights to the boxer franchise and the producer Irwin Winkler, which Stallone has publicly complained about, which involves a possible Drago spin-off; we hope that everything went well between Lundgren and Stallone, and that the friends passed this story on. In any case, four years after having lived through the aforementioned Russian punching machine, dolphin dyed his hair black to play Frank Castle, aka The Avenger (The Punisher), in a film that went blank in 1989 and that became an obscure / cult production with the character. Not even his iconic skull on his shirt was used by the character. Many years later, the action hero Dolph was finally given another chance in a movie of the genre, this time from DC, where he played King Nereus in Aquaman (2018) – role that is expected to reprise in the sequel to be released in 2023.

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