Marvel Shows Trailer For 'Ant-Man 3' And Randall Park Joins The Cast;  See full description!

It was announced by marvel studiosduring a panel at the D23 Expo, that the actor Randall Park will return to the role of Jimmy Woo in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’.

Remembering that ‘Ant-Man 3‘ is the film that will open Phase 5 and will again be directed by Peyton Reedthe director who helmed the hero’s first two films and now returns to conclude the trilogy, with the new film promising to be the biggest of the entire series.

Check out the official logo:

Secret Agent Jimmy Woo, character from Randall Parkpreviously appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Ant-Man and the Wasp and also in ‘WandaVision‘.

Enjoy watching:

The trailer, our Renato Marafon who is there covering it, said it starts with Scott’s family in the car listening to the audio book made by Scott himself. He became famous and is constantly being stopped on the streets: “Everywhere I go, people tell me the same thing: THANK YOU SPIDER-MAN”.

After that, a scene at the whole family dinner, now with Hank, Janet and Cassie, they go to a lab and accidentally send a signal to the Quantum Realm and get sucked into it. Kang appears and says that someone stole something from him and asks for Ant-Man’s help.

So he doesn’t accept it and Kang calmly puts him on the wall with mind power and says he will have to accept it. It is worth noting that the villain MODOK also appears in the trailer.

Don’t forget to watch:

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