Marvel's Spider-Man: PC files indicate co-op and PVP modes on PC

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered recently arrived on PC and, of course, dataminers have started digging through the game’s files for information hidden by Insomniac. What was not expected was that they would find hints of a possible multiplayer mode.

And that’s exactly what DniweTamp discovered, who shared the find on Twitter. According to its findings from the computer version of the game’s files, the studio would have considered — or, who knows, may even still be considering — adding the Co-op and PvP modes.

Below, you can see some tweets with several lines of code indicating the existence of multiplayer modes Co-op and PvP in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC:

As can be seen in the images attached to the posts, the codes mention the display of specific texts when players are in co-o modeP. Apparently, depending on the character selected, players would see messages like “Peter Parker is the Superior Spider-Man” or “Miles Morales is the Superior Spider-Man”, for example.

In addition, other lines of code refer to the division of players into two teams, one blue and the other red. This seems to be strong evidence that, at some point in the game’s development, there was at least some sort of PvP.

As there is no multiplayer mode in the Spider-Man game on PlayStation, let alone PC, it is unlikely that we will see a two-player mode in this Spider-Man game. But the situation may be different in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which, through the publicity material, emphasizes the presence of Peter and Miles. Who knows, in this sequence, it’s possible to swing through the buildings next to a friend?

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