Imagem de: Master Chief vai parar em Yakuza 0 em mod incrível; confira

It is now possible to take Master Chiefthe hero of Haloto the streets of Tokyo in the 80s, thanks to a new mod for Yakuza 0. The modification transforms Kazuma Kiryu, the eternal protagonist of the Yakuza, into the Spartan soldier to carry out his violent and unusual combat maneuvers.

The modder responsible for the feat was Kashiiera, who mainly specializes in creating Halo mods, actually. It turns out that the person is also a fan of Yakuza, so he decided to dedicate himself to making the crossover of his dreams. Below you can check out the Master Chief in action on the streets of Yakuza 0:

And for those who want to make things even crazier, you can play with an Arbiter instead of Kiryu too. Kashiiera showed this alternative mod on her Twitter profile:

It is interesting to remember at these times that Yakuza was once an absolutely exclusive series on PlayStation. Recently exclusivity has become less and less rigid, especially when it comes to PC ports. And it is thanks to the presence of this series on the platform that it is possible to see mods of this level happening. It is worth noting that Yakuza also went to Xbox, including the complete series going to Game Pass.

Kashiiera’s mods are entirely free and can be found on the Nexus Mods portal, one of the largest in the world in the area. To be able to use it, you need to install a mod manager for Yakuza first, also available on the same website.

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