'Meet Cute': Kaley Cuoco tries to find the perfect match in the fun trailer for the romantic comedy;  Watch!

O Peacock released the official trailer for ‘meet cute‘, a romantic comedy starring Kaley Cuoco (‘The Flight Attendant’) and Pete Davidson (‘Death Death Death’).

in the plot, cuoco lives Sheila, a woman in search of a love story with Gary (Davidson). However, when things don’t go well when they meet, she resorts to using a time machine to turn Gary into the “perfect man” for her.

Of course, messing with the flow of time is dangerous and Sheila gets more than she bargains for.

Directed by Alex Lehmann (‘Angels in Stardust’), the feature has its premiere scheduled for September 21st.

Check out the preview:

Enjoy watching:

The plot follows the story of Sheila and Gary, who fall in love at first sight. The problem is, their first date is not the work of fate. Sheila has access to a time machine, and she and Gary have been falling in love over and over again. One perfect night is never enough, so Sheila decides to travel into Gary’s past to change him into the perfect man.

The cast still has Deborah S. Craig, Kirk Kelly, Sierra Fisk, Wesley Holloway, Rock Kohli and Andrew Stevens Purdy.

Don’t forget to watch:

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