Melissa Barrera reveals that 'Scream 6' will be "Scary and Surprising"

Melissa Barrera revealed news about ‘panic 6‘ in an interview with US Today and stated that the movie will be very scary.

“They keep us tight-lipped around here. All I can say is how I feel.. I don’t want to say the wrong word, but this is the scariest. This sixth movie looks more terrifying and we’re all on sets filming some of the scenes and we’re like, ‘Oh my God, this is insane.’ I think people will be surprised.”

The Mexican detailed how the directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett chose to rock the next chapter.

“We have the same team reprising [seus papeis nos bastidores]. In the fifth film, there was a lot of pressure [por ser] the first one without Wes Craven and they were still trying to honor him. Now they’re putting a little more sauce on that one and making something that feels more like them,” he concluded.

The new film will also feature Melissa Barrera (Sam), Jasmin Savoy Brown (Mindy), Mason Gooding (Chad), Jenna Ortega (Tare), Hayden Panettiere (Kirby) and Courteney Cox (Galley). Neve Campbell does not return.

the newbies Samara Weaving (‘The baby sitter’), Tony Revolori (‘Spider-Man: No Homecoming’), Dermot Mulroney, Jack Champion, Liana Liberato, Devyn Nekoda, Josh Segarra and Henry Czerny complete the list.

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Check out the synopsis:

“Sam, Tara, Chad and Mindy, the four survivors of the massacre carried out by Ghostface, decide to leave Woodsboro behind in search of a fresh start in a different city. But it doesn’t take long for them to become the target of a new masked serial killer.”

The directors of the previous film, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, will also return for the next adventure, which is scheduled to hit theaters in March 31, 2023.

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