Mia Goth is 'Pearl' in new official horror images;  Check out!

Pearl‘, pre-sequence of ‘X – The Mark of Death’ starring Mia Gothgained new official images.

Check it out, along with the full trailer:

The director Ti West claimed to be developing the script for the third film.

Enjoy watching:

“I am very grateful to A24 for having had the opportunity to do this. One of the coolest parts of this movie is the notion that there’s something bigger behind it all. what can i say about [a pré-sequência] ‘Pearl’, which we’ve already filmed, is going to be focused on that character. We will find out more about her. It will have a very different aesthetic than ‘X’. They can be watched independently, but the two films complement each other in a specific way.”

He adds, “The horror ‘X’ is influenced by the independent films of the 70s, while ‘Pearl’ will address a very different era of cinema. If we get the chance to do the third movie, it will also be inspired by a different era.”

In 1979, a group of filmmakers travel to rural Texas to shoot an adult film, but their reclusive hostess catches them in the act and they soon have to desperately fight for their lives.

The cast has Brittany Snow (‘Death Invites You to Dance’), Mia Goth (‘Sigh’), Jenna Ortega (‘Panic’), Scott Mescudi (‘Don’t Look Up’), Martin Henderson (‘The call’), Owen Campbell (‘Dark Times’) and Stephen Ure (‘Mortal Engines’).

Don’t forget to watch:

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