Michelle Yeoh is featured in the new official image of 'The School for Good and Evil';  Check out!

The adaptation of ‘The School of Good and Evil’ coming soon to the catalog Netflix and now, a new official image of the production has been released that features none other than the acclaimed actress Michelle Yeoh (‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time’).

In the plot, Yeoh will play Professor Emma Anemone, who teaches a subject known as Beautification.

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with script by David Magee (‘Life of Pi’) and Laura Solon (‘The Last Hangover of the Year’), the plot adapts the saga of novels signed by Soman Chainani and Alice Klesck.

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Production arrives in October 21st to the streaming platform catalog.

In the village of Gavaldon, every four years, two teenagers have mysteriously disappeared for more than two centuries. Parents lock and protect their children, terrified of the possible kidnapping, which happens according to an old legend: the missing young people are taken to the School of Good and Evil, where they study to become the heroes and villains of the stories. Sophie hopes to be one of those chosen and admitted to Escola do Bem. With her pink dress and crystal shoes, she dreams of becoming a princess. Her best friend, Agatha, however, is not satisfied with how an entire city can believe so much bullshit. She is the opposite of her friend, who, even so, is the only one who understands her. Fate, however, plays a trick on the two, who start an adventure that will give clues about who they really are. This best-selling book is the first book in a trilogy that shows an epic journey into a stunning new world, in which the only way to escape legends about fairy tales and enchanted stories is to live intensely one of them.

Sophia Anne Caruso (‘Evil’) and Sofia Wylie (‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’) will star Sophie and Agatha – students at the titular school where young people are trained to become fairytale characters.

Kerry Washington and charlize theron they also star as Professor Dovey and Lady Lesso, respectively. Cate Blanchett will be the narrator.

feig is known for numerous cinematic works, including the acclaimed and Oscar-nominated ‘Mother of the Wedding Mission’ and the interesting thriller ‘A Small Favor’. He also directed the Christmas novel ‘A Second Chance to Love’the spy comedy ‘The Spy Who Knew Too Little’ and the reboot ‘Ghostbuster’from 2016.

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