'Minions 2: Rise of Gru' ending is CHANGED in China for the police to win

Minions 2: Origin of Gru‘ opened in Chinese cinemas on August 19, this being the fifth film in the series ‘My favorite evil‘. The film tells the story of the youth of Gru, the franchise’s supervillain, however, unlike the other international versions, China will show a different ending to the film.

Yes, all the animation sequences were kept, but several images and comments were added at the end. Remembering that, in the original film, Gru’s mentor, Will Karnageis the author of an attempted robbery and escapes justice after faking his death.

In the version shown in China, the character is arrested by the police and sentenced to 20 years in prison, where he becomes more serious and decides to pursue “his passion for acting” by creating “a theater company”.

About Gru, he becomes an exemplary father and returns “to the right path”, according to the alternate ending, which ignores the reality of the previous films in the franchise. To be shown in China, Chinese and foreign audiovisual works must pass a censorship committee. Therefore, it is not the first time that a foreign film has been modified to suit what the authorities present as more “healthy” values.

It was unclear whether the end of ‘minions 2‘ in China was changed at the request of censors or production.

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directed by Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson and Jonathan del Valthe animation also features the voices of Kevin Hart, Margot Robbie, Dave Bautista and Pierre Coffin complete the list.

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