Imagem de: Mod coloca modelos clássicos do PS1 em Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The success and quality of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is indisputable, but there’s no denying that the game doesn’t have the same charm as its 1997 counterpart. But that could finally change now, thanks to a fan mod for the PC version. about the game.

It’s actually a surprise that a mod of this type took so long to appear, but the FantasyRaiderr player made the dream come true with the Polygonal Players mod.

The mod does exactly what it sounds like: it swaps the models of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barrett, Yuffie, and Red XIII for the polygonal versions of the original game. The result is both incredible and hilarious, as shown in the preview above in glorious 4K, which recreates the trailer for the game and its expansion.

Unfortunately, only the protagonists had their models changed, but who knows, FantasyRaiderr doesn’t release an update so we can see Sephiroth and other characters in the same way?

The modification can be downloaded from the NexusMods website. As the author reminds, it is recommended that no other model mods are installed or there is danger of conflicts. Also, not all scenes will have swapped models, as some are video, not rendered in real-time.

It’s a good way to relive the game experience while we wait for the sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, due in 2023, as well as Crisis Core and Ever Crisis.

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