'Mr.  Harrigan's Phone': Stephen King Says Netflix Adaptation Is 'Brilliant'

Through your Twitter, Stephen King revealed that he has already checked out the adaptation of his short story ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone‘, which is being developed by Netflix.

Straight to the point, the author showed his support and spared no praise for the production.

“I saw a near-final cut of the adaptation of ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, written and directed by John Lee Hancock, and it’s absolutely brilliant.”

The cast will feature Jaeden Martell, Donald Sutherland, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Colin O’Brien, Cyrus Arnold and Joe Tippett.

John Lee Hancock (‘The Small Vestiges’) will direct and write.

The story is part of the new anthological compilation of kingIf It Bleeds‘. The plot revolves around a teenager named Craig, who befriends an old, reclusive billionaire, Mr. Harrigan. The two bond over books and an iPhone, but when the man dies, the boy discovers that not everything that is dead is gone and is able to communicate with his deceased friend through the iPhone he was buried with.

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Ryan Murphy (‘American Horror Story’) and Jason Blumthrough Blumhousewill serve as project producers.

New information should be released soon.

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