Imagem de: MTG Arena: Dominária Unida chega trazendo lendas do multiverso do card game

Wizards of the Coast announced that the Dominaria Unida collection, from Magic: The Gatheringfinally came to MTG Arena.

With the launch of the collection, the Digital version of Magic: The Gathering gets several iconic cards and classic characters, allowing players to experience the game’s original multiverse setting. Another novelty is the addition of new mechanicswhich should give a busy strategy to card game players.

In this collection, as the game’s publisher explains, “the Phyrexian beings appear infected by the radiation from Energy Stones and approach Dominaria with body modifications that involve his own mortal parts and other mechanical parts.” It is then up to Karn, the silver golem, to decode the legendary Tomo Thran in hopes of “finding a ancient power source strong enough to defeat the invaders”.

The new collection launched in MTG Arena aims to take players back to the more classic era of the traditional card gamelike back in 1993, when Dominaria was “the centerpiece of the [de Magic: The Gathering] over an entire decade”.

Among the main new features added to the digital version of MTG with the release of the United Dominaria cards are the following mechanics: Enlist, Advance Read, Mastery, Boost, and Stun Markers. The arrival of the new collection also marks another step in the rotation of the Standard format, giving players the opportunity to receive renewal rewards — but only to those who sign up until today, September 1st.

Players can also purchase the United Dominaria Mastery Passhaving access to various rewards like Jaya’s exclusive avatar, Flaming Dealer, plus cards, boosters, pets, gold, gems, and more. While the collection is now available on MTG Arena, players of the traditional version of Magic: The Gathering will have to wait until the September 9, when Dominaria Unida hits stores in physical version.

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