Imagem de: Banner de MultiVersus vaza Stripe dos Gremlins e Adão Negro no jogo

the first season of MultiVersus officially starts today, August 15th, so Warner decided to update the game’s banner on platforms where it’s available. But it seems that the producer got confused and accidentally (or not?) posted an early image that reveals two new characters not yet announced for the game: Black Adam and Stripeof the Gremlins.

The image was captured and shared by a Twitter user who identifies himself as Santa Ricky. He showed a capture where the game’s banner appears as “sponsored”. In the middle of the image, Black Adam and Stripe are very much in evidence.

This is an easy “leak” to believe. It is to be expected that Warner will take advantage of MultiVersus’ no-holds-barred nature to always add a character in order to promote its upcoming productions, as is the case with black adam. The character arrives soon in theaters, played by Dwayne Johnson.

And the new character comes with a classic. For those who haven’t seen Gremlins, Stripe is one of many who appear in the film, and considered the leader of the rioters. As the big threat in the movie comes from the sheer amount of little monsters, it would be interesting to see that incorporated into the game in some way.

We still don’t know when the characters will arrive in MultiVersus because the announcement is not yet official. But surely they must appear after the mortywhich is already confirmed for an August 23 premiere.

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