Imagem de: MultiVersus melhora hitboxes e mais em novo patch; entenda

MultiVersus receives a new update this Thursday, 8th, to improve its collision boxes, which has been one of the main complaints from the community in recent weeks. The expectation is that changes are available from 14:00 Brasilia time on all platforms.

Crash boxes are very important in fighting games. They are invisible detection areas and serve as triggers for blows to hit characters. They are usually classified into two types: hurtbox and hitbox.

The first is an area that surrounds the character and indicates the region in which it can be hit. The second appears only when a coup is performed, in its so-called “active frames”, and represents the area of ​​effect of a given move. When both collision boxes come into contact, the hit successfully hits the character.

Previously, hurtboxes were represented by a vertical rectangle and this caused strange interactions during matches, with blows passing through the character or hitting much further than they should. Now, with version 1.02 of MultiVersus, the boxes better represent the shape of the characters’ bodies, as you can see in the following image:

New MultiVersus collision boxes better represent the silhouette of charactersSource: Playback/VGC

In practice, this is a gigantic change and one that should make the matches fairer. In addition, there will be an update to standardize the projectile system, causing them to be destroyed if they collide. There will also be heavy projectiles, which can absorb common ones and cannot be reflected.

still in beta

It is worth remembering that MultiVersus is still in Open Beta, although it is already receiving content updates frequently. Gremlins’ Gizmo has already been confirmed as a selectable character and is expected to join the cast as early as this Thursday (8).

The game follows the style of platform fighter, as in Super Smash Bros. and Brawlhalla, but with a duos focus and has been available for free on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series since July of this year.

Among its highlights is the cross-play across all platformsin addition to supporting a rollback netcode that guarantees more responsive and better quality online games. As a result, the game broke records and reached the 20 million player mark in just one month.

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